Sincerely, Evan.

Penny wise, or so, for the lack of a better title

Constrained to a limited student budget every month, it’s important for students alike me to be penny wise. I have always been a big spender. Back in my pre-u days, clothes had been my main spending factor. When I entered degree, clothes were no longer my attraction in malls or online shops. Instead, food. How can anyone compensate on food for a... Read more →

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Rose of Sharon

I knew you were special to me from the day I first saw you. I was young and carefree then, but I knew that you were dear to me. I remember a time when I was a little girl, and you still a babe, I would hold close at night one of your adorable dress. I would take it with me to bed and the next morning I would tell mummy how much I loved my little... Read more →

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Today I learned...

Today I learned a few things while browsing Youtube. I stumbled upon a few documentaries that gave me insights and perspective on mental health, another thought me a thing or two about being grateful and another that was about the effects of war deeply moved me. Mental health awareness needs more coverage Mental health cases seem to go unr... Read more →

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For the loved ones back at home

To mummy, Deborah and Sharon, We have laughed together, We have shed tears together, We have all seen dark days, And we have all seen good days. Through thick and thin, We have had only each other’s hands as our lifeline Each other’s shoulder to cry on, And each other’s presence to find solace in. Now though we are miles apart, We are still e... Read more →

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10 lessons that I learned from this semester

Every now and then, there is always a bag of lessons to take back especially when it is almost the end of a semester. As finals are drawing near and now that it is currently study week and post-assignments and mid-term tests, I thought to myself that I could finally catch a breather. I thought I could also spare some time off to reminisce on the... Read more →

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