Sincerely, Evan.

Does Evil exist?

Evil by definition means an act or thought that is deemed wicked and immoral. For many inhabitants of the Earth, they believe that there is God and Satan. That there is Heaven and Hell. That there are Angels and Demons. That there is Good and Evil. But as our human thinking have evolved and continue to evolve, we have begin to realize that it is... Read more →

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How I got from where I was to where I am now

Some of you might have noticed my long hiatus recently. For a brief period of time, I found myself embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Since then and for a time-being, I had shied away from social media and this blog of mine. I have always been aware of the girl that I was. She has always been that same girl I knew. Shy and afraid to spea... Read more →

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Gone too soon

I have yet to tell you so many stories I have yet to show you all that I’ve achieved I have yet to show you the person I’ve become I have yet to share a warm embrace with you I have yet to tell you that I love you I have yet to tell you that I’m sorry You have yet to tell me your stories You have yet to tell me all the pain you’ve suffered You ... Read more →

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I can’t recall many memories with you, But the ones that I can, Were recent memories with you. I thank God for showing me a way, For me to see you, to talk to you, For us to be father and daughter again. I remember so vividly, The last hug that we shared, Before you were admitted, And machines became your new companion. I remember how ... Read more →

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Love-hate relationship

Sometimes I want to hug everyone I pass by and say how special and loved they are, Sometimes I want to tune-out from the world and plug my ears to heavy metal; Sometimes I want to write positive notes to people to brighten up their day, Sometimes I want to get tucked in bed and lament all my misery; Sometimes I want to give a rose to passerb... Read more →

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