Sincerely, Evan.

Hero Fun Run @ UPM

Last weekend, I travelled to Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) to stay with my sister for the weekend. That Sunday, we were joined by our respective boyfriends and some friends for Hero Fun Run which we had registered for weeks earlier. It was a decent experience staying at UPM’s hostel, attending a church service at the university’s very own cha... Read more →

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Introduction to Git & GitHub Workshop

Yesterday, my team and I at IT Society hosted Introduction to Git and GitHub Workshop at MMU Cyberjaya. Rowena, who works as an Implementation Engineer at GitHub, has been gracious to come from afar to conduct the workshop for us. The workshop was a success. The workshop was off to a good start when the turn up rate was more than the usual 50% ... Read more →

4 minute read

Reflections: WordCamp KL 2019 and emceeing

WordCamp KL happened last weekend on the 1st-2nd November. It was my first-time attending a WordCamp and I also happened to be in the organising team. Having attended weekly e-meetings for the past 7 months of planning, I got insider news about everything that was going on for WordCamp KL 2019. I learnt so many things from event-planning, to enr... Read more →

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Simple Accordion with JavaScript

Here’s a very quick tutorial on how to create a toggling accordion. This is what we will be creating: See the Pen Simple Accordion by Chevvycherokee (@chevvycherokee) on CodePen. The HTML First, we create a list item. <ul> <li>One</li> <li>Two</li> <li>Three</li> </ul> Then... Read more →

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The things I love about you

Here goes a post for a special someone: I love you for so many reasons. Some reasons obvious, some obscure, some unexplainable. I love… …how patient you are with me, …how you motivate me, …the way you look at me, …your bear hugs, …when you caress my face even when I tell you not to, …when you hold my hands in the car while you’re driving... Read more →

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