Sincerely, Evan.

Simple Accordion with JavaScript

Here’s a very quick tutorial on how to create a toggling accordion. This is what we will be creating: See the Pen Simple Accordion by Chevvycherokee (@chevvycherokee) on CodePen. The HTML First, we create a list item. <ul> <li>One</li> <li>Two</li> <li>Three</li> </ul> Then... Read more →

3 minute read

The things I love about you

Here goes a post for a special someone: I love you for so many reasons. Some reasons obvious, some obscure, some unexplainable. I love… …how patient you are with me, …how you motivate me, …the way you look at me, …your bear hugs, …when you caress my face even when I tell you not to, …when you hold my hands in the car while you’re driving... Read more →

1 minute read

Goodbye Blogger, Hello Jekyll

Blogger days I have been using Blogger eversince I started blogging in 2011. To gain more flexibility in editing my Blogger theme, I reverted to the classic theme but this also stripped me from the other options that were available for use with Blogger’s own templates. That included widgets, plugins and even pages. Not to mention the classic th... Read more →

3 minute read

PHP + PostgreSQL setup with Live Server

I am sure some of you are familiar with working with XAMPP especially if you have worked with PHP and MySQL before. Having been a XAMPP user myself, making a move to WAPP wasn’t so hard. There were however a few workoarounds that I had to lookup and figure out to come up with a successfull PHP and PostgreSQL development environment setup for a p... Read more →

5 minute read

A blank state of mind

Have you ever reached a point between having important things to do and also having few thoughts on hopelessness besieging your mind? You’re lost for other thoughts and motivation to do anything else. You know you’re not sad, there is no reason to be sad at this point of time. You know you’re not happy either. Rather, it feels like there is this... Read more →

2 minute read